How Facebook ads are powering a Shopify store to $59 million in revenue.

Facebook ads have powered the growth of hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world. One of those skyrocketing success stories is BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

In this course, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how BOOM! cofounder Ezra Firestone uses Facebook advertising to strengthen his sales funnel and convert casual visitors into repeat customers.

This beginner Facebook advertising course introduces you to the Facebook Ads Manager and helps you create your first ad campaign. You’ll start by creating a retargeting campaign which shows ads to everyone who’s visited your website but didn’t purchase. Then, you’ll create a loyalty campaign that displays to all of your existing customers, enticing them to come back.

Whether or not you’ve earned your first customer, or even your first visitor, it’s vital that you start here to get familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager and build a sales funnel that captures the right people’s attention at the right time.

3 Pillars of Profit in Advertising

Learn a framework for building advertising into your sales funnel without overspending.

Facebook Ads Manager

Learn how to use the Facebook Ads Manager and so you can create campaigns, target audiences, and set budgets.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Two networks owned by the same company. Learn how to advertise on both and what makes each unique.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Get a walkthrough of the ad platform, highlighting what you should focus on and what you can ignore (for now).

Meet your instructor

Ezra Firestone

In 2005, Ezra Firestone started his first commerce business. Today, he runs one of Shopify’s fastest growing businesses earning over $61m in the past 4 years. Ezra credits his Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy for generating 90% of his company’s profits.

When he’s not working on his own brand, he’s helping other businesses grow through his Shopify app, Zipify and marketing guidance at Smart Marketer. In part one of this two-part course, Ezra shares details on his two most profitable campaigns: retargeting and loyalty.

Course outline

In this course, you’ll get familiarized with the do-it-yourself Facebook Ads Manager.

Before you start trying to get new visitors to your online store, you’ll first setup your retargeting and loyalty campaigns so make sure that everyone who does visit your website keeps coming back until they purchase.

Once you’ve setup your retargeting and loyalty campaigns, you’ll be prepared for Shopify Academy’s advanced Instagram and Facebook Ads course where you start getting new customers to your online store.


Learn the Facebook Ads Manager

Get your Business Manager account setup so you can manage Facebook and Instagram ads from one place.

Begin module one


Product Page Retargeting

Learn how to run ads to anyone who visited a product page without purchasing.

Begin module two


Home & Collection Page Retargeting

Find out which ads are most effective to show to casual browsers so that they eventually become customers.

Begin module three


Shopping Cart Retargeting

Capitalize on buyer intent and get those visitors who are on the fence to make the purchase.

Begin module four


Loyalty Campaign

Get those who love you to keep coming back. Learn how to target the right ads at the right type of customer to get them to purchase again.

Begin module five


Reviewing Performance

Learn how to read Facebook’s advertising analytics so you can eliminate the poor performing ads and double-down on the winners.

Begin module six

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“Shopify is the best and biggest for the reach and ease it offers my customers… They’re more confident to buy via a Shopify store”

Ollie Alpin, Shopify Success Story,

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to take this course before taking the advanced course?

Technically, no. But we strongly recommend you start with the beginner course. Ezra designed these courses specifically to work one after the other. You start by strengthening your sales funnel with retargeting and loyalty campaigns. Then you move on to the advanced course (summer 2019), where you learn about getting new traffic to your online store

Is this for Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising?

Both. Facebook owns Instagram and the audience data for both is tightly intertwined. That means the Facebook ad platform can easily target Instagram users. Most of what you learn will easily apply to advertising on both platforms but there are a few platform-specific suggestions we make in the course

How much will I need to spend on advertising?

That depends on a lot of variables but Ezra and Shopify Academy have designed this course to be accessible as possible. Ezra offers a number of different campaign strategies that start with just a $5 per day investment

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