How Google Ads help you get in front of customers with buying intent

“Just Google it” - it’s the place everyone goes to find everything. And when it comes to potential customers searching for a product like yours, you have to compete to get noticed.

Unlike other advertising opportunities, Google Ads offer you customers who have buying intent - they’re looking for a product like yours and it’s your job to make the most compelling offer.

In this course, you’ll learn how Shopify business owner Daniel Patricio targets his ideal customers through Google searches. Then, you’ll see the steps he takes to optimize his ads to earn as many sales as possible.

After learning how Google Ads work, Daniel takes you into the Shopify Admin where he shares Google Smart Shopping, an exciting new feature that automates your Google Ads from directly inside Shopify.

Google Smart Shopping on Shopify

See how Google Smart Shopping can automate all of your advertising from inside your Shopify Admin.

Google Ads Keyword Research

Learn how to select keywords so you’re only targeting the customers that matter most to your business.

Google Ads 101: Search Ads

Get a step-by-step tutorial of Google Search Ads, from audience targeting to creating great ads.

Ad Budget Strategy

Google Ads budgets vary depending on the product and industry. Learn how to think about your Google Ads spending.

Meet your instructor

Daniel Patricio

Originally from South Africa, Daniel launched Bull & Cleaver to bring a beloved South African product to North America, making it easier for expat South Africans to reconnect with the country’s culture.

Over the past four years, Daniel has leveraged Google Ads to build and grow his business by targeting the right kind of customer for his specialized product.

Beyond running his own 6-figure business, Daniel also leads Shopify’s marketing technology team which builds features into Shopify to help business owners market their products.

Course outline

In this course, Daniel starts by sharing the basics of Google Ads, leading you through the Google Ads Manager. From there, you learn how to set up Search Ads, Display Ads, and Shopping Ads.

Lastly, Daniel shares a brand new Shopify feature, Google Smart Shopping, that lets you start and launch your Google Ads from directly inside your Shopify Admin.


Google Ads Budget

Your budget will depend on your product and your industry. Daniel shares his approach to budgeting and the number one metric he looks at to determine how much he spends.

Begin module one


Search Ads Tutorial

Get a beginner’s tutorial to launching your first search ads. You’ll learn what to focus on with your first few ads and what you can leave until later.

Begin module two


How Retargeting Ads Work

Understand why and how that sweater you clicked on keeps following you around the internet.

Begin module three


Google Smart Shopping Ads on Shopify

Learn how to launch Google Ads from just a few minutes from directly inside your Shopify Admin.

Begin module four


Understanding Google Ads Analytics

Get Daniel’s golden metric that helps inform his budgeting decisions and whether he cuts an ad or puts more money behind it.

Begin module five

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“Shopify is the best and biggest for the reach and ease it offers my customers… They’re more confident to buy via a Shopify store”

Ollie Alpin, Shopify Success Story,

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Smart Shopping?

Google Smart Shopping is a feature that allows Google to automate your Search, Retargeting, and Shopping Ads with machine learning - meaning Google launches your ads for you and then reallocates your budget to promote your most profitable ads. This can be launched from directly inside your Shopify Admin.

Can I run Google Smart Shopping Ads and run manual campaigns?

Yes! In this course, you’ll learn how to use Google Ads Manager so that you can experiment and discover incredible insights into your business. You’ll also learn how to get Google Smart Shopping campaigns setup in just a few minutes.

How much will I need to spend on advertising?

That depends on how much your product is and what competition is like. In this course, Daniel breaks down how you should be thinking about ad budgeting and the priority metric you should look at to consider how much you spend.

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