Shopify's new home on Facebook

Shopify's new home on Facebook

Shopify's new home on Facebook

Love Shopify? Add Shopify as one of your favorite applications on Facebook!



  • Dave
    November 07 2007, 01:50PM

    So, Facebook is the first social networking site of any real substance to work (I love how people call Myspace the Kmart version of same) and as it boiled up from nothing, it attracted a hipster crowd, one geek at a time. Then they opened it up to the masses and the masses joined up. And Facebook was kind of neat as geeks and now non-geeks learned how to use it for fun and for a place to park their persona and brand ME…

    And then Facebook sold out to Microsoft, and that spells the beginning of the end of any chance Facebook will remain a fun place to hangout.. SOLD OUT…. Like we all need to give Microsoft even more of our precious private/public lives, for FREE.

    quitting Facebook in T minus 10, 9, 8, 7….

  • tobi
    November 07 2007, 01:50PM

    I’m not sure a for profit company can really “sell out”. As a facebook user i love the features their are adding. I think the brand pages (of which shopify is one) were overdue and fit facebook like a glove.

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