Win a Private 45 Minute Skype Chat With Gary Vaynerchuk

Win a Private 45 Minute Skype Chat With Gary Vaynerchuk

Win a Private 45 Minute Skype Chat With Gary Vaynerchuk

Calling all Shopify store owners! We're giving away a free 45 minute Skype Power Session with the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk! If you haven't heard of Gary Vee (not likely), he's widely regarded as the king of social media. He's also a certified wine expert, best selling author, public speaker, and business genius. Don't believe me? Ask one of his 875,925 Twitter followers. 

45 minutes with Gary can change your life. Ask him whatever you want. Anything goes. It's free to enter, simply follow this link and tell us (in the comment section) the most important lesson you learned while building your online store. Comment now, because the deadline is Wednesday, May 11th.



  • Tom Huckins
    Tom Huckins
    May 05 2011, 10:35PM

    This would be amazing! Pick us!

  • Doron
    May 07 2011, 04:58AM

    The most important thing that everyone has to ensure they think of (excluding SEO) is how they can best integrate with Twitter, Facebook and other social mediums to enhance the users experience and the chance of that user bringing you repeat business

  • Austin Clark
    Austin Clark
    May 07 2011, 01:10PM

    The most important thing is to learn how to connect with your customers. Make them feel that they need your product.

  • Alejandra Symons
    Alejandra Symons
    May 07 2011, 01:26PM

    me me me :)

  • Lucy Grimble
    Lucy Grimble
    May 08 2011, 05:00PM

    The most important thing I have learnt is you can never take your customers for granted. You need to keep things fresh on your website and make a massive effort to excite and inspire them to keep them on your website for longer and keep them browsing!

  • Raido Kuurmaa
    Raido Kuurmaa
    May 09 2011, 03:01AM

    The most important thing is to post regulary new content.

  • Kimberly Quinn
    Kimberly Quinn
    May 09 2011, 11:48AM

    Wow, would love the opportunity with Mr. Hayes! Right now I am a new online boutique, a one woman show, and feeling overwhelmed with the talk of social media!

  • Derek
    May 17 2011, 08:17PM

    So who are the winners? I thought they would be announced on May 13th.

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