Don't Be an Online Vending Machine

Don't Be an Online Vending Machine


Most people don't want their online store to be a glorified vending machine. Insert coins, press A6, retrieve product. Unless you're selling chocolate bars or maybe a pack of gum, chances are your customers are looking for a higher quality shopping experience. Your online store should reflect your brand, your personality, and the products you sell. 

Danny Catullo is from Boardman, Ohio, and recently took his 3rd generation butcher shop online with his Shopify store Catullo Prime Meats

Don't Be an Online Vending Machine
Danny doesn't just sell delicious steaks, he's set up a gorgeous online store that reflects his brick-and-mortar butcher shop in quality and customer service, and he's created a loyal following from across the country because of it. I spoke with Danny to find out how he created a boutique "in-house" warmth within his online store, and his main point is to ensure his customers can see who is behind the business. 
"My butcher shop has been successful because of our quality and service, which is what I am constantly trying to replicate online. Letting the customer see me cut meat with my son, pictures of the store, and using my cooking videos all allow them to be more comfortable with me. Also, I personally sign every email to customers, so they know this is not a big box store but rather a custom butcher shop with real people running the show. If you care about your work, it will shine through when they get a glimpse of you."

An easy way to give your customers a glimpse of your personality is through your YouTube account. Danny has also fully utilized the power of video through his YouTube account where he gives customers recipes, tips and tricks, and gives his customers a behind-the-scenes look into his family life.

In the video below, Danny and his son Antonio make chicken wings together in what could be the most adorable cooking show I've seen in my life...

It's obvious that Danny doesn't look at his customers as customers, he looks at them as friends. He takes a genuine interest in every person who steps foot in his butcher shop... offline and online. 


  • Patt Sweeney
    Patt Sweeney
    July 23 2011, 12:17PM

    Wonderful article and video Danny and Antonio!

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