Good Customer Service Equates to Repeat Customers

Good Customer Service Equates to Repeat Customers

If your business has bad customer service it doesn't matter how good your product is. Put yourself in the customer's shoes, if you buy something online and are dissatisfied with the service, would you be a repeat customer? Furthermore, would you promote the store to your friends and become a brand ambassador? Unlikely. 

Good customer service is absolutely essential in creating and maintaining a successful business. If you walk into a brick-and-mortar store and the sales clerk is rude, or they refuse to refund your money for a product you don't like, chances are you're not coming back. Same goes for online shopping. Here's a short case study that tells an interesting story about a situation that could have went two ways, but the Shopify merchant made customer service a priority and is glad she did. Last year, Vanessa Dempsey created an online printing and custom design studio called Dempsey Press just before the 2010 Christmas shopping season began: 

Good Customer Service Equates to Repeat Customers

As the Christmas shipping deadline approached she received an email from a customer who had not received her order yet:

"We checked our records and the item was shipped the day we received the order. It wasn't our fault we thought, we don't control the postal system. We sent a friendly email asking Jane to be patient, it was in the mail and it would be there soon."

"After a few more days, we thought about it more and more. Jane (fake name) had ordered our product specifically to give as a gift to her niece, if the product didn't arrive in time, there would be at least 2 disappointed people. We sent another email to Jane saying that if she didn't get anything by the end of the week to let us know and we would send a replacement package at no cost. Jane hadn't received the package, and was very appreciative of our offer. We sent out another package which cost us $2 in shipping plus about $2 in material costs."

"Jane emailed us when she received the new package about how much she loved the product. Since then, Jane has been our top customer, ordering from us 5 times since last Christmas and recommending us to her friends. These orders have more than made up for the $4 we ate sending out the extra package." 


  • Eric M
    Eric M
    July 26 2011, 04:21PM

    Customer service and customer support is essential. It’s amazing what some companies get away with. Good on you Vanessa for going the extra mile. It usually works out best in the end.

  • Steve
    July 26 2011, 04:39PM

    Have to say that the quality of product delivered was way above expectation, they were gifts for our customers who were so pleased when they received them. Vanessa is one of those entrepreneurs that has what it takes to build a successful business as customers prefer to deal with her, I do and will again. Vanessa if your reading this, keep up the great work!

  • Vanessa
    July 26 2011, 05:15PM

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the post! I guess at the root of it all I was just thinking that the idea is for my customers to like DPress and the product we offer. That would never happen if I just swept it under the rug and used someone else as my scapegoat. Best to just pony up and give the customer what they asked for. Then everyone is happy :)

  • Mia
    July 25 2013, 11:14AM

    This is a very interesting article, I have a really good website at the moment, and I have just started the trial version of shopify. I had a technical query, and tried to call yesterday (I hung up after 25 minutes on the phone), I am now on hold again up to 15 minutes – why do Shopify not answer the telephone?

    This is terrible customer service, albeit, I have not yet purchsed a shop, but I was going to do so later this month, but as there is lack of telephone support, I am really glad that I found out before purchasing – Volusion do answer the telephone and very promptly.

    The importance of excellent customer service, is to offer the services you advertise.

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