Apps for Shopify POS Are Now Available in the Shopify App Store

Apps for Shopify POS Are Now Available in the Shopify App Store

Starting today, Shopify merchants will be able to do more with Shopify POS.

Apps for Shopify POS, our iOS point of sale system, are now available in the Shopify App Store. Like the apps for your online store, these apps extend Shopify POS and make it endlessly customizable. With just a few clicks in our App Store, you can build a custom POS system that has the unique combination of features you need to run your business.

“I’m excited for the thousands of small businesses that can't justify spending $10K on a custom POS system,” says Jay Myers, co-founder of Bold Apps and one of the first to develop an app for Shopify POS. “Sometimes just needing a small, extra feature means you’ll need to pay for a very expensive system.”

For growing retailers, buying an expensive POS system just to get an extra feature isn’t an option. By turning those extra features into apps instead, we’re giving you control over the cost of your POS and choice over which features to include in your system.

For example, if you frequently run promotions in your retail store, you can choose to add Sales Manager by Bold Apps to Shopify POS. With this app, you can create sophisticated in-store sales including “buy one, get one free”, free gift with purchase, and timed discounts. To help you upsell, the app lets you know when a customer is close to spending the amount needed to get a discount.

How to Install and Use Apps for Shopify POS on the iPad

Shopify Merchants using the iPad version of Shopify POS can now install apps for Shopify POS. For today’s launch, five apps are being released—but expect many more to become available soon.

  • Appcard - Build an easy to use loyalty program directly into your sales flow, and reward your regular shoppers.
  • Ultimate Sales Manager by Bold Apps - Run sophisticated sales in your retail store and manage it all through your Shopify POS.
  • Turnstyle - Use your guest WiFi as a powerful marketing tool, from automated marketing messages to advanced in-store analytics.
  • Supple Wholesale - Offer wholesale discounts and preferred pricing to selected customers and on selected collections.
  • Order Printer by Shopify - Shopify Order Printer app is a free, easy to use app that allows you to print custom invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and more.

To install an app, go to the Shopify App Store and view the Shopify POS collection. Next, find the app you want to install and click “Get”.

You can access your installed apps in one of three ways in Shopify POS. For apps that affect your checkout flow, click the ··· button in the top right to access an app. Other apps are accessed after your customer has checked out. Finally, all your apps and their settings can be found in the Apps section of your Shopify Admin.

Have an Idea for a Shopify POS App?

Shopify’s POS App SDK is ready to use and developers have already started building new apps to help you grow your retail business. But they’re always looking for great app ideas. If you’re a retailer using Shopify POS, and you have an idea for a Shopify POS app, share it in the comment section.

Start using Shopify POS today by downloading the app (free for all Shopify merchants):

Have an Idea for a Shopify POS App?