New Stores Friday - October 1, 2011

New Stores Friday - October 1, 2011

 New Stores Friday - October 1, 2011


Products: Minamilistic leather bags and accessories.

Product: A line of durable, utilitarian tote bags made from reclaimed materials.


Product: The nineties slap bracelet revival.


Product: Think of us as your personal jewelry shopper.

Products: Slim, fashionable, high-quality vinyl pocket that attaches to your phone.

Products: Limited edition, mueseum quality artwork..

Bebe Oh La

Products: Special occasion outfits and photography props.


Product: Bespoke mobile phones and fine communication accessories.

The Grand

Product: Custom wedding stationery.


Product: Stylish clothing boutique in New Zealand.


Product: One-of-a kind jewelry and limited production collections.


Product: Unique T-shirts and wall art.

Product: Eco boutique for mama, baby and child.

Product: Soft silicone band with interchangeable watch faces.



  • Dejan
    October 05 2011, 08:30AM

    Loving the update of the new stores – I mean someone ACTUALLY brought back ‘ClickClacks’! (Is that what they were always called? shrugs it works lol)

    So we also just launched our store – how do we get featured? :)

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    October 07 2011, 11:01AM

    Dejan – I’m including in the week’s post. You’ve got an amazing site!

    For anyone else that would like to be featured, the easiest way is to tweet out your URL with the hashtag #buildabiz.

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