6 Tips to Creating an Awesome Timeless Brand

6 Tips to Creating an Awesome Timeless Brand


When you put your scribbled thoughts into motion and your brand starts to take shape, you have to make sure that it’s a brand that will last. Consumers should be able to speak the name of your brand and immediately know what its most popular product is or associate the brand with a product/service. Your logo should be easily recognizable and the brand’s name should be easy to pronounce. Timeless brands keep things simple.

1. Unique and Memorable Logo

A logo is what customers see and identify with a brand name. It has to tie into the brand’s name and make sense for the logo to stick. A sample here is the Target brand logo, it is simple and clean. It clearly displays that it is for the Target brand. It is recognized around the world.

Think about color choices too, as it does matter. Busy logos with multiple colors are often less successful than those with only a single color. Research shows that 95-percent of brands with one or two color logos are able to establish an emotional connection between the brand and consumer. Minimal color usage also makes it easier for marketing campaigns and matching logos to branded attire, promotional items, and event banners.

2. Connect with a Well-Known Name

Associating a brand with a celebrity or well-known person creates a connection between that name and the brand. It is a connection that can be used as an association for decades, just from creating a single and memorable marketing campaign featuring that celebrity.

Timeless Brand and Celebrity Connections:

  • Mountain Dew (regular and diet) – Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
  • Nationwide Insurance – Peyton Manning
  • Go Daddy – Danica Patrick
  • Revlon and Clairol – Christie Brinkley

These connections are important for those that follow trends and celebrity lifestyles. When a celebrity endorses a product, society sees it as a superior product which drives sales up for that product. Recurrent endorsements from the same celebrity regarding new products or services creates familiarity.

3. Keep the Name Simple

A simple slogan created in 1975, “I Love New York” displayed with a heart in the place of the word love is still popular over 4 decades later. This is an example of how something simple can make a huge impact and be relevant eternally. A brand can be created around a startup or footprint action. The simple logo used on t-shirts and promotional materials has turned a simple idea into an empire.

4. Match Branding

It is a good idea to have multiple products available with company branding on them. Match your notepads, pens, presentation folders and outerwear with company branded logos. Attempt to put your brand into as much of your daily life and business interactions as possible without being pushy. Simply wearing or using items with branding on them leaves an impression with those you are interacting with.

Tip: Do not purposely rotate an item to display company branding. It comes off as being rehearsed and overly promotional, which can be a big turn-off to those on the other side of the table.

5. Creative Brand Naming

When a brand gets creative and ties in its name to a phone number, it creates a jingle in the minds of consumers making it easy to remember. It is a good idea, when including names/slogans into advertised phone numbers to clearly display the corresponding numbers under the letters. This makes it easier for consumers to immediately associate the phone number with the slogan or business name.

Brands are just names. They disappear when the creativity stops. When new products are not rolled out or improvements are not made to existing products to be usable in an evolving world, brands disappear. To make your brand more than just a name, it has to be present in society whether it is with television commercials, social media interaction, mobile advertisements or printed material, it still has to make sense to society.

6. Get Involved Locally

Local communities will associate brands with major events. If disasters or tragedies happen in your brand’s local headquarters’ area, pitch in and help out. Locals will remember what a brand did for their community. If the news goes national or global, that is more positive and unsolicited exposure for the brand.

Final Word

One element that is important is to assert a clear brand voice right from the starting point and maintain that voice throughout the brand’s life. A living company can be created – one that stands the test of time and evolution. Take the time to market smartly, interact, and pay attention to what your customers want. Show that the brand cares about what its customers want and that it can adapt to suit the needs of its customers.

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