Could These 5 Traits Determine If You’re an Entrepreneur?

Could These 5 Traits Determine If You’re an Entrepreneur?


Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur, it takes a certain type of person to take the plunge and jump into starting their own business and creating their own destiny. Entrepreneurs are brave, confident, risk-takers and aim to make a difference in the economy and the world.

So what are the most surprising characteristics of an entrepreneur? Here are five.

1. They are not team players

This doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs can’t work with other people too, but likely they got to where they are today because they were independent and forged their own path.

Entrepreneurs often start businesses because they don’t like working for others and want to be their own boss, doing something they are passionate about. 

2. They are confident

An entrepreneur goes against the grain to create their own pathway to success, so even when they may have people in their lives telling them they’re crazy, or that they won’t succeed, they take it like a grain of salt.

In order for a business to work, you need to be confident in your idea and your ability, there’s no room for self doubt because if you believe in your idea and business, so will other people.

3. They don't fear failure

Entrepreneurs need to be resilient, and even successful entrepreneurs have likely hit road bumps and failure at some point. Entrepreneurs need to be able to take failure and use it as a way to grow, and improve.

By deciding to take the leap into starting a business, you are already welcoming the chance of failure, but entrepreneurs do not let this hold them back or stop them, instead, if they fall down, they pick themselves up and move on.

4. They live frugally 

There are few entrepreneurs that start off as millionaires; in fact, most accept the fact that they will have to live on little to nothing when starting off.

Entrepreneurs know how to live frugally, and since building a career from the ground up, in a field they are passionate about is more important than money, they have accepted that they will have to live with less and are okay with it.

5. They are jacks-of-all-trades

When you decide to go into entrepreneurship, you may not have experience in every aspect of your business, but you are willing to take it all on and learn. Entrepreneurs know how to juggle everything and anything that is thrown their way.

Even though many entrepreneurs can’t do everything perfectly, and have to ask for help, as an entrepreneur, you have to be open to learn and continue to learn, even about those boring, meticulous things that you may not enjoy.

Although these are only five of the characteristics that make up an entrepreneur, this is just a fraction of the qualities and characteristics that they possess.

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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