How to Work Smarter and Stay Focused at Home

How to Work Smarter and Stay Focused at Home


The remote working revolution is in full swing, with 23% of workers working remotely, and there are no signs that this is going to enter a period of decline anytime soon. You may be a self-employed freelancer or a worker who has managed to swing a few days every week of remote working.

Maintaining your productivity when you are surrounded by the comforts of home isn’t always easy. Using this guide, you are going to learn how to work smarter and how to stay focused at home.

Create a Space for Working

The problem you have with productivity is that you are surrounded by so many distractions in the home. It can be too tempting to turn on the TV or to enter your bedroom to read a book. That’s why you need an area in your house that’s dedicated to work.

Ideally, this should come in the form of a home office. On the other hand, you might not have the room for this. To deal with this, you should cut out a corner of the room. Nothing should happen here other than work.

It’s a powerful psychological effect because your mind will instantly be in work mode.

Do Not Allow Anyone to Disturb You

Sometimes the distraction will come in the form of a human. For example, you might have a child who is at home for some of your workday. The way to deal with human distractions is to make it clear that you are working and you won’t accept any interruptions.

Be firm about this and don’t compromise for anyone. It doesn’t matter how urgent the problem is because you are not available at that time.

This tends to be a big problem because there are still those who don’t understand that you are working from home. They think that you’re just lazing around not doing any real work.

Work in Short Bursts

Even though you are working in a more comfortable environment, it’s not uncommon to suffer from a general slowdown as the day goes on. Each day you only have a certain capacity. This is both physical and mental. You can only go for so long before you start to collapse.

Working in short bursts can allow you to get more done in a shorter period of time. These bursts can be as short as thirty minutes or as along as ninety minutes.

Work sprints can be extremely effective at making you more productive because you are giving your mind and body a break at the end of every sprint. The break doesn’t have to be anything special. It could be simply a walk to the store to purchase a drink, or a walk in the local park. 

Schedule the Right Way

There are some tasks that take much longer than they need to, and it’s all because they are either complex or you just plain don’t want to do them. Scheduling tasks in the right way will help you to get through some of the more difficult tasks without too many problems.

Find out which part of the day you are most productive and then schedule the harder tasks at this time. Leave the enjoyable, easy, stuff for the time of day when you need a boost. Even when you’re tired, if you love something you are going to get a quick shot of energy from doing it. 

Use Outside Tools 

Sometimes it pays to make an investment in third-party tools to allow you to work smarter. These third-party tools can involve social media automation tools, schedulers, and alarms. The point is that you are automating much of what you do, freeing up your time to do more important things. 

Automation is something that companies are increasingly looking to in order to work smarter not harder. It does require some initial investment, but what you get back is worth far more. 

Just beware of using too many of these third-party applications because if you use too many, you may be spending most of your time micromanaging lots of tools that you don’t really need. Limit what you are using and swap them out if you come across something better. 

Conclusion – Working Smart

Remote working is becoming more common and people are going to have to adjust to the prospect of working from home. If you can work smarter not harder, you are going to maximize the benefits of this form of working.

What is your opinion of the remote working revolution?

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