14 Subreddits Every Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

14 Subreddits Every Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To


Reddit, otherwise known as the front page of the Internet, is an amazingly diverse online community.

Through nearly 1 million ‘subreddits’ – which act as discussion boards – Reddit hosts conversations on a myriad of topics, including; world news, videos, television, science, and sports.

Reddit members can create subreddits on any topic at will, and open them up to the wider community to spark conversations.

There are plenty of subreddits to attract the attention of entrepreneurs, but I’ve compiled fourteen of the very best to help you glean ideas, find inspiration, and learn new things.

1. /r/Entrepreneur

Let’s start off with a self explanatory subreddit.

The /r/Entrepreneur subreddit is broad, covering a vast number of topics relating to entrepreneurship. Here, you’ll find everything from how DropBox acquired its first users, to interview with Elon Musk’s wife.

2. /r/CareerSuccess

If you want to find the Internet’s most coveted articles on how to attain success, this subreddit is for you.

Interesting TED talks often make an appearance, as well as infographics, videos, and good old fashioned listicles – the latter being my personal favourite.

3. /r/Investing

Investors can play a significant role in your entrepreneurial journey, and /r/Investor is a great place to learn all you need to know about them.

By engaging with the community here, you may even find an investor who is interested in your product or service. Furthermore, you can check out this subreddit to see what investors see as being worthy of their money.

4. /r/GrowMyBusiness

As the name suggests, /r/GrowMyBusiness is all about helping you, well, grow your business – literally.

Every four months, subscribers can pitch their business or startup, asking to be helped out by the community. A vote is then cast, after which the community chips in to help market and hone the business that won. Simple, effective, and refreshing.

5. /r/Startups

Got a startup on your hands? There’s nothing like hearing about how your fellow entrepreneurs are working to grow theirs.

This subreddit is full of things like guides on how to fuel a new startup, as well as free and inexpensive apps to help market your product or service both online and offline.

6. /r/Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you live and work by your own rules. Although that sounds great at first, it also means that you’re constantly struggling with the discipline needed to produce productivity.

/r/Productivity it the perfect place to hear about how other business men and women handle procrastination in order to become more productive. Ideal for finding small pieces of advice to implement into your daily routine.

7. /r/SocialMedia

Facebook has over 1.6 billion active members, with Twitter and the rest of the gang not far behind. If you aren’t leveraging social media to grow your business, you aren’t doing it right.

/r/SocialMedia is the hub for all the social media marketing strategies you should know about. Plus, by keeping an eye on this subreddit, you’ll be one of the first to know about any relevant updates to major social networks that you can exploit.

8. /r/Marketing

Although /r/SocialMedia will cover your social media marketing needs, it won’t give you the insights you need for the many other dimensions of digital marketing.

In this subreddit, you’ll find studies and experiments that individuals have published, critiques of established marketing strategies, and all the latest news and views on the Internet marketing scene.

9. /r/LetsBePartners

Looking for a business partner? /r/LetsBePartners is a great place to find one.

You can pitch your business or idea to the community and wait for applications to come in before continuing the conversation through direct messages. Or, you can just drop in to see what kind of business ideas are sprouting up.

10. /r/ContentMarketing

Blogging and copywriting should be the lifeblood of all your marketing campaigns. /r/ContentMarketing is an awesome place to pick up on best practises to convert visitors into customers.

On this subreddit you’ll find countless guides to content marketing, white papers, the latest trends, and so forth.

11. /r/AccomplishedToday

Had a productive day, and want to gloat about it? It’s a good thing /r/AccomplishedToday exists, then.

This subreddit is where the Reddit community showcases their achievements for the day, inviting praise and motivational comments from other subscribers. It’s also useful to visit this subreddit simply for the inspiration you can take from it. After all, if you regularly read about others having awesome days, you’ll see no reason who your day can’t be just as good.

12. /r/AdviceOf

Listening to advice from people who have been in tricky situations it almost addictive. /r/AdviceOf gives you access to the advice of entrepreneurs, traditional employees, investors, and others.

But this subreddit isn’t just about business – it’s about life in general. And we could all use some advice on life in general.

13. /r/NoExcuses

Need a kick up the backside? /r/NoExcuses will give it to you, and then some.

Just tell the community what you need to get done, and they’ll yell at you until you do it. It’s a unique way to get motivated online, and it seems to work for a lot of people.

14. /r/ZenHabits

Want to optimize your life? /r/ZenHabits is where the Reddit community comes together to share life hacks and guides on how to become a more rounded individual.

That includes tips on productivity, sleeping, exercise, making friends, and much more.

Start Subscribing

If you aren’t already surfing Reddit, you seriously should be. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people, pick up business tips, and learn about what projects are sprouting up across the world.

Subscribing to the fourteen subreddits above will give you all of that, and much more.

Do you have a favorite subreddit for entrepreneurs? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

About the Author

Kaya Ismail is a wordsmith and founder of Employ the Internet. He is a seasoned content marketer with a love for video games and coffee.

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