5 Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers

5 Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers

An email subscriber list full of valuable customers and prospects can be extremely valuable to you and your business. But it’s a fact that your email database degrades by approximately 22.5% every year. That means that even if you have a good amount of emails on your list today, that doesn’t mean you should stop working to get more, and continue delivering value to the ones you have now. 

Here are five things you can do to help continue to grow your email list.

1. Give customers multiple chances to sign-up  

Likely your customers aren’t going to seek out where they can sign-up to receive emails, so give them optimal spots to sign-up across your website and throughout the buying process. For example, add an easy to find “subscribe” button on the main pages of your website, and when customers go to check out, give them a chance to opt-in for future communications.

2. Offer something exclusive

Give your visitors a reason to sign-up for your newsletter or future emails. What value are your emails going to provide your subscribers? For example, if they sign-up, they may receive a discount off their first order. But don’t just think about an incentive for them to register, think about incentives and value that will keep your subscribers interested long after them signing up. Like letting them know about product releases before anyone else, or giving them a look behind-the-scenes of your brand.

3. Encourage them to share

People trust their peers, so give your subscribers a chance to invite their friends or share the information in your emails with them. Add social media easy share links and the ability to easily forward content, like an “email to a friend” button. This will help you gain access to new people.

4. Create lead gen content

Developing content outside of your emails that can help generate and capture leads can be a great way to boost your email list subscriptions. Create a valuable eBook around a topic of interest to your audience or a whitepaper, and ask them to submit their email in order to receive it. Or create a contest that requires entrants to submit their email in order to enter.

5. Use social media

Cross promoting the opportunity to subscribe to your email list on social media is also a way to get the word out there and boost your email subscribers. Use your business pages to promote the offers you are promoting on your website or elsewhere. Add a call-to-action button to the top of your Facebook page, and if it makes sense, use platforms like Pinterest to promote your content to help drive additional leads.

Your email list can be one of your most valuable assets, so take some time and energy, and put it towards generating more email leads.

About the Author

Lauren Marinigh is a Toronto-based online marketing and content development professional, who is completely addicted to traveling, puppies, and GIFs.

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