How Guest Posting Can Grow Your Business

How Guest Posting Can Grow Your Business

No matter how long you’ve been in business, you likely want to see your business grow. With each new customer, you add revenue that can be used to hire new employees, expand your capabilities, or move to a larger office space. Even if your current cash flow is strong, those costs will eventually rise, leaving you with the option of either raising your prices or bringing in new customers. Last but not least, make a blog for our own site. It's an easy way to build content and boost your SEO.

Guest posting is one of the many marketing strategies savvy business leaders now use to boost brand awareness. When done correctly, guest posting gets your name in front of customers who have never heard of your business before. Capture their interest and they’ll not only buy from you, but they’ll tell their friends about you. Here are a few tips to grow your business using guest blogging.

Find the Right Sites

When it comes to guest blogging, location is everything. Consider the blogs you read on a regular basis and determine where your own content might fit. Once you’ve identified those sites, consider the blogs your current customers are likely to read. If you aren’t sure, conduct a survey and use the information to start building a blog post pitch list. You can also get clues from the metrics of your own blog posts. What content resonates most with your readers? This may alert you to the type of content you should focus on creating, which will also come into play as you’re searching for suitable sites for guest posts.

Services like specialize in connecting content creators with blog posts that fit their interests. Using this type of resource, you can also identify influencers within your own field and reach a large number of people by choosing a popular blog. You’ll also get valuable tips on creating valuable content and pitching high-profile sites like Huffington Post. You can also check sites using tools that expose the popularity of different websites, preventing you from wasting time pitching blogs with low readership numbers.

Personalize Your Pitch

Guest posting goes beyond creating content that generates attention for your business. It also serves as a networking opportunity, letting you interact with a wide selection of people. Instead of crafting a generic email that you send to every blog host, take the time to learn as much as possible about each blog before you start writing your pitch. Identify the site’s top-performing posts and come up with a pitch that might be similarly popular. As you write your pitch, mention the reasons you believe your submission will be the right fit for that site’s audience.

Your email to blog hosts is a sales pitch, so it’s important to emphasize your own credentials in your message. Follow any submission policies the site offers while submitting your pitch, but also let your personality shine through. With the right approach, you’ll launch a relationship that will continue beyond your guest post. This networking effort will help you grow your business in other ways.


Getting a post accepted and published is only one part of the process. You should spread the word about your guest post, both on your own blog and on social media. You’ll likely find that you earn some of your best connections through promoting your guest post. Your blog host’s followers will be able to easily follow you on the platform where you’ve announced the appearance. Once you’ve built your audience, you’ll be able to draw their attention to your own blog content, as well as the occasional promotional post.

Don’t forget to promote your blog post among your own existing customer base. Email your customers to let them know the post is live and encourage them to share on social media. Post a teaser to the blog post on your own blog, along with a link that makes it easy for readers to share on social media. If you’ve created content that interests your target market, you’ll find your customers are eager to share the information with their own friends and online followers.

Guest posting can be a way to reach new audiences and network with others in your industry. If you write content that connects with your ideal customers and choose blogs they’re likely to read, you’ll see that the number of customers interested in learning more about your business grows with each new post.


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