Shore Projects grows with Shopify

Shore Projects is a watch brand inspired by the elementary beauty and idyllic fun of the British seaside. Launched in June 2014, Shore Projects experienced explosive growth in brand awareness and demand even though they sold exclusively online. Shore Projects will soon be stocked in TopShop, ASOS, Selfridges, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. Shore Projects joined Shopify Plus in January 2015, but they’ve been using Shopify as their ecommerce solution since the very beginning.

Neil Waller

Co-founder Shore Projects

Favourite feature

One of the things I'm most proud of is the way in which we allow people to customize their watch and choose from 20+ different straps with different designs and prices. We spent a lot of time coding up our product page so that there is a really visual way for people to see all the different options and then purchase the exact watch and strap combination they want. I like the page because it really represents what our brand is about, which is being able to easily change the look and feel of the watch.

Choosing Shopify

The fact that Shopify as a company is forever trying to improve conversion rates and make the platform as slick as possible meant that choosing Shopify was a nobrainer. Shopify gives a new brand the ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with big established brands.


Shopify is really scalable. Especially as we started to transition to brick and mortar, the fact that Shopify has a POS system and everything links up — it gave us an impressively slick operation in the shop. People come to the shop and see our POS and how slick it looks and they’re all really impressed by it.

There’s no way on earth we could have gotten to where we are now, in the way that we have, with the budget that we have, without a platform like Shopify.

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Choosing Shopify Plus

Having a dedicated merchant success manager was really valuable to our business. When you’ve got a merchant success manager that’s always in the loop, that’s your one point of contact, and they’ll chase and check that things are done on your behalf. At the scale we’re at, that’s an invaluable service to have. This allows us to focus on our brand and our product and not worry too much about the technical things.

Ease of Use

Its just so simple. It’s so powerful, yet so simple. Especially back in the early days when we had a smaller team and I was trying to do things like set up a discount code, I could be out and about and do that on my mobile phone. There’s no way on earth we could have got to where we are now, in the way that have, with the budget that we have, without a platform like Shopify.

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