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Turn heads with an expressive brand experience worthy of the runway.

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Culture KingsPetal and PupThe 5thHoney Birdette

The world’s leading fashion and apparel brands trust Shopify Plus to scale their business.


Look brilliant in every size.

Go beyond beautiful with intuitive, responsive stores that shine on every device. Optimise for mobile-first conversion with branded checkouts and payment providers like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or Shop Pay’s one-click confirmation. And blend in-store retail with mobile browsing to capture your customer at every step of the purchase process.


Set up shop from New York to Milan.

Worldwide fashion ecommerce sales are expected to reach $712 billion by 2022. Make your mark with expansion stores to localise content for language, currency, and seasonal trends. Or keep it simple by selling in multiple currencies and languages from one Shopify store.

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Shine during your biggest events.

For peak buying days, process thousands of transactions every minute without worrying about your website. Backed by the leading commerce platform for high-traffic campaigns, you have the confidence to experiment, test new markets, and update products.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 million hits per second
  • 10,978 orders per minute
  • 99.99% uptime

Shopify Plus allowed us to focus more on our art side, rather than being bogged down in the science side. It enabled us to scale, knowing we had this platform that can grow with us.

Simon BeardCEO and Founder, Culture Kings

Discover how The Hundreds merge culture, fashion, and commerce.

Channels include Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google, and more.


Sell everywhere fashion lives.

Create a shoppable Instagram feed. Get conversational with chat integrations on Messenger. Choose from 2,500+ apps or curated partners to leverage influencers, user-generated content, and reviews. And connect everything on a single back end, no matter where you sell.


Immerse the senses. Online and off.

Craft dazzling experiences and showcase your style with a fully customisable front end. But online lookbooks, true-to-life videos, interactive content, and augmented reality are just the start. Powered by Shopify Point of Sale and retail hardware solutions, you can truly bring your brand to life by bridging the digital divide with pop-up shops, product drops, and live events.


Streamline your hand-stitched campaigns.

Campaigns and sales don’t have to mean late nights. Shopify Plus gives you exclusive access to Launchpad, the first scheduling tool to automate demand-generating campaigns at scale.

  • Create invite-only and limited-release product collections
  • Release selected styles on multiple sales channels simultaneously
  • Schedule content changes and theme updates while monitoring your analytics in real time
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