Campaigns and flash sales

Put your to-do list on autopilot.

Launchpad schedules sales and promotions across every channel.

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Streamline your biggest events.

Launchpad is a powerful automation tool that can handle all your events, from sales to product releases to campaigns.

Automate your event checklist to save time and prevent errors. Deliver a smooth customer experience from product page to checkout with scheduled theme changes. And manage your event and inventory across all sales channels.

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Take the stress out of sales.

Campaigns and sales don’t have to mean late nights. Automation eliminates the complexity of running events, turning them into streamlined opportunities for your brand.

  • Release products and update inventory across channels
  • Apply discounts to specific products or entire collections
  • Design campaign themes and update them automatically
  • Revert your changes when the event ends


Streamline your customer experience.

With automated events in Launchpad, you control the experience from start to finish. Design campaign themes to put the spotlight on your featured products. And make it easy for customers to find new inventory, special discounts, or exclusive sales.

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Real-time monitoring

Boost conversion with smart data.

Understand your sale performance better through data. Serve your customers better through insight.

Launchpad shows your top-selling products, total orders, and total sales in real time, so you know exactly how to plan future events.

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Release specific products and update inventory.

Activate a collection discount when the sale starts.


Create a campaign-specific theme for featured products.

Optimise themes before the event so there are no surprises.

Drive conversion by creating a quality shopping experience.

Shopify Scripts

Develop line-item scripts to offer a gift with purchase.

Apply free shipping when a customer spends over $100.

Put Launchpad to work during your biggest campaigns.

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