chapter 1

Introduction: The Beginners Guide to Content Marketing

Video transcript

Hi, I'm Ezra Firestone, and welcome to Shopify Ecommerce University. Now, this is the premiere place on the planet to get information about how to build, scale and grow your Ecommerce business.

I'm an ecommerce business owner, just like you. I run drop shipping businesses, six-figure drop shipping businesses, seven-figure manufacturing and importing businesses where I'm actually manufacturing product and importing it, and warehousing it and shipping it myself. I have white labeling businesses. I have multiple different kinds of physical products ecommerce stores.

I also have a marketing blog where I share my research, I share what's been working for me in my businesses with people like you. It's my passion, it's what I like to do. My motto in business, my motto in life, is serve the world unselfishly, and profit. Because I believe that's really the only way that you can profit, in the fullest sense of the word anyway, is if you're serving other people.

So, you can only give from your own surplus, so I have to have this knowledge and experience in order to give it to you, and luckily Shopify has provided us with this platform where I can share whats been working for me, in my businesses, with you. So, thank you so much for taking the time to watch these videos and I hope that you get value from them.

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